• #QueenZ New Artist Feature: “KHALIA”

    #QueenZ New Artist Feature: “KHALIA”0

    The Jamaican born Londoner, bringing an international flavor to the dancehall music we know and love, is currently working on releasing her new sounds to the world. Biography Khalia is no stranger to the studio, as she started recording in London at the age of 15. Finding her sound and recording demos with producers for

  • #QueenZ New Artist Feature: Recording Artist “VANZO”

    #QueenZ New Artist Feature: Recording Artist “VANZO”1

    The vocally versatile and creative sing jay Devano McLean professionally known as VANZO, has had a great passion for music all his life. VANZO was born on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Jamaica in rural Sligoville and grew up in the city of Spanish Town where he has been showcasing his natural musical talent ever

  • #QueenZ New Artist Feature: Singer “SEVANA”

    #QueenZ New Artist Feature: Singer “SEVANA”0

    Born in Westmoreland, Jamaica and pulling inspiration from the grassy clearings, lush countryside and azure skies, Sevana (a name reminiscent of her hometown Savannah-La-Mar), all the while, dreamt of a bigger platform than just her dining table from which to share her brand of melodies. It’d be a few years before this ’90s baby would get the opportunity